How much does it cost to get into the stone restoration business?

To get started you should be willing to spend at least $5000, for equipment, abrasives, and some stone care products (cleaners and sealers). Some of the equipment you can find used on ebay to keep the costs down. Floor machines usually last a long time (I’ve had a few over 10 years) so buying used is a safe bet. This estimate is just to get you started. You can easily spend a lot more but it is better to wait until you have an income to justify it. My teaching materials also show you how to get set up for a lot less money.

Will I learn everything I need to know from your materials?

No. I encourage all my students to get additional training if at all possible. From blending my techniques with somebody else’s and your own ideas your work becomes art, and how you make it original. Beware of training that is out of the back of a supplies warehouse, where they are just showing you how to use their products, instead of teaching you a trade.

How do I know “your way” of stone restoration training is better than anybody else?

You don’t. But I know that if you get into this business you will know this in time. You will also see others teaching my techniques, and imitation does validate. At any rate, you WILL get a lot of use out of at least 90% of what I teach.

Are you affiliated with a stone care product line or a stone equipment line?

No.  In my teaching materials I suggest products and equipment from various suppliers. Whatever I know is best for that particular application.

Is there plenty of work out there these days?

It depends on where you live? You will have to do the market research. See how busy others are that are in the stone restoration business in your area. Are they booked out for 2-3 months? If so, there is room for you. If they are all ready to show up tomorrow to do a job, then you might want to look in another area. You will have to do a little detective work.

What kind of income can I expect?

I refer you to the “Market Report” page of this website to get a general idea. Keep in mind though, that the market price can vary quite a bit between different areas. I know South Florida is very competitive and subsequently low priced, while New York City is very high priced. Even at the lower end of the scale, you should still be making a lot more money per diem than any other tradesman you work alongside.

What sort of business does this compliment?

This is a great add on service division for the following businesses: concrete polishing, carpet cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, wood floor refinishing, stone fabricating. Many of these businesses use some of the same equipment so start-up costs will be low, and these businesses have an existing client base to market to, and can up-sell stone restoration services while on a job performing other services.