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This information will save you 15+ years’ worth of expensive trial & error and can start making you money immediately! I’ve been told by those who have read the book that I should be selling it for MUCH more as this information is exceedingly valuable!

Choose your products: The Two Day Seminar, the eBook, or a specific chapter suited give you the exact information you need to know. The book and seminar cover information unique to each other. The seminar has MANY more photos and is more detailed. So consider buying both to get the most thorough education and make sure you don’t miss out on anything!

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Professional Stone Restoration Secrets Book

Professional Stone Restoration Secrets – eBook: $79.95                                
The Complete eBook “Trade Secrets from the Stone & Tile Restoration Workplace”,  including active hyperlinks to the resources mentioned in the book. NEW 2014 Edition!!! PDF Download
Professional Stone Restoration Secrets – Ch. 1: $24.95                                        buy
Cleaning pgs. 8-18, Maintenance cleaning techniques. Great for building management personnel PDF Download
Professional Stone Restoration Secrets – Ch. 3: $24.95                                         buy
Finish Restoration pgs. 30-44, Wonderful help for in-house maintenance staff.PDF Download
Professional Stone Restoration Secrets – Ch. 4: $24.95                                         buy
Restoration Cleaning pgs. 45-52, Must-have for Klenztone & Cleanstone users. Mike is considered an authority in use of this type of unique cleaner. PDF Download

Professional Stone Restoration Secrets – Ch. 6: $22.95                                         buy
Grinding & Resurfacing pgs. 60-69, Adobe.pdf. Lots of time and money-saving tips. PDF Download

Professional Stone Restoration Secrets – Print Edition: $99.95                          buy

Printed Edition “Trade Secrets from the Stone & Tile Restoration Workplace”

The complete soft cover printed book, high quality full color.


Professional Stone Restoration Secrets Seminar


This is the complete Two Day Seminar presentation with voice recording from each session. The class was taught at the “The Stone and Tile School” (Raleigh, NC), and is the most exhaustive seminar ever produced on the subject of professional stone restoration.

The well laid out PowerPoint presentation includes hundreds of photographs illustrating various stone related problems you’re sure to encounter, and the stone restoration techniques required solve these problems.

You will learn about the different stone types and their characteristics, and accurate trade terminology. You will also learn about the different factory processing methods and finishes, petrology, and basic chemistry. You will learn what it takes to educate your clients so they can make the right decisions regarding their stone care options…it’s called professional ethics and it is also great for sales when you can clearly articulate accurate information, and why your stone restoration system is of the highest quality.

This class is not based on theory but on real life experience. The scope is well beyond anything that can be covered in one of the “hands-on” classrooms, which by necessity have a very limited scope (usually just honing and polishing of a floor that has already been worked). Each chapter is illustrated with photos from a wide variety of actual jobs completed by the author, and step by step instructions. It is an immense amount of information for one seminar and the study-at-home format allows you to view it as much as you like. EULA allows viewing along with up to six of your employees.


Introduction to Architectural Stone
69 Slides, 59 Photos
Background info on processing methods, geology, chemistry, terminology, and installation methods. How to recognise different stone types. Must have information to work effectively and avoid costly mistakes, and to demonstrate knowledge that will help you gain confidence with discerning clients.

AB Restoration Cleaning
31 Slides, 25 Photos
Highly productive limestone cleaning and travertine cleaning using ammonium bi-fluoride based cleaning products. This process produces results that no other cleaner is capable of. Step by step procedures for the best results, and more importantly, how not to mess up!

Ceramic Tile
13 Slides, 5 Photos
Types of ceramic tile and how to easily identify each. Techniques for cleaning ceramic tile and grout. Grout cleaning and sealing and color sealing techniques.

Countertops & Walls, and Job Bidding & Proposals (both with contributions from the legendary Maurizio Bartoli)
34 Slides, 32 Photos
23 Slides, 4 Photos
How to resurface and polish marble countertops and vanities, techniques and equipment. Removing mineral scale from shower walls and polishing. Difficult to polish marbles.

Discussion on providing bids and quotes. What are the going rates. Various sample forms provided: job survey, terms, proposals.

Sealing & Impregnating
34 Slides, 25 Photos
Learn the difference of the common stone sealer types: impregnators, coatings, color enhancers, and all the sub-types of each, and where they are best used. Even when it is best not to seal at all. Also tips for little known sealer manufacturers who make products that out perform all others.

Grinding & Resurfacing
35 Slides, 38 Photos
How to flatten marble floors and bring up to a crystal clear polish. How to tackle “edgework” and many other step saving techniques. How to hone marble and limestone and deal with some of the newer “antiqued” or “tumbled” finishes.

Finish Restoration
42 Slides, 29 Photos
Marble polishing made easy. What are honing compounds and where to use them. Chemical free limestone honing and marble polishing methods.

Dimensional Stone Cleaning
37 Slides, 25 Photos
Techniques for effective limestone cleaning and travertine cleaning. Mechanical processes for cleaning that use no chemicals. When and where to use acid cleaners, or alkaline cleaners. Also, exterior flagstone (quartzite, slate, sandstone) cleaning techniques.

There is Q & A session with the students at the end of each chapter.

Seminar Download  $139.95               

PowerPoint Slide Show format. View immediately upon download! (160mb WinZip file)

Seminar DVD  $149.95                 buy

PowerPoint Slide Show format on disc. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery.

Dry Floor Grinding Video


This one hour video is a companion to the Seminar PowerPoint and covers in greater detail the information in the Grinding & Resurfacing chapter. This is a unique process which Mike is pioneering, and is done without using any water which us necessary in wet diamond grinding and polishing. As you will see, dry grinding is a much cleaner process and involves using half the labor costs as wet grinding. It is also much easier to dispose of waste product. Not for all stone surfaces but a great option for many types of marble, limestone, and many varieties of travertine. Also a great system for the initial grinding steps, then the finishing steps can be done wet, making for a much cleaner overall process. This is a great process for super absorbent limestone, where you should be concerned with excessive water saturation, causing problems like efflorescence and rusting. Discussion on grinding techniques, grinding tools, and shows specialized equipment used in this process. Shows the various stages of the process from grinding, filling, edgework, and honing.

Mp4 Download     $29.95 

Universal MP4 format, for computers and pads. View immediately upon download! (91mb WinZip file)

DVD     $39.95   buy

For viewing on TV or device with a DVD player. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery