“It was awesome! Just finished the reading last night. Anyone in the hard surface cleaning and restoration business will easily understand and benefit from the information. I sure learned a lot from the reading”.

“ Bill Blazevich, Four Seasons Cleaning Service, Tucson AZ”

“An easy read, and vital for everyone who wants to make money in the “Hard Surface” restoration market. You focus on common sense methods that work, achieve optimum results, and yield greater profit margins.

This is honest, because I for one know that you have learned most of this the hard way… by making mistakes; learning from them, and turning a negative experience into a positive one. Those calluses on your hands are from working, and not just talking theory; you did the work, so now others can benefit.”


“ Roger DeCoster, Aqua Clean, Irvine CA”

“You can get this knowledge the hard way (trial and error) or you can read and apply the information in Mike’s book. I would recommend this book to both the person wanting to get into this line of work, and those already in it who think they know it all.”

“ Steve Webb, New Life Marble Restoration, Maui HA”

“I would like to recommend the stone restoration book. I think it’s a big help for people like myself just beginning or has been at it a while. It has lots of information for when you are dealing with different types of natural stone and you can refresh your mind on the does and don’t of the process. I still to this day use product listed in the book that when doing a sample for a potential client my sample usually will be the best of say three of my competitors. This is a tiny investment that pays off big. I highly recommend this book!”

“ Randy Frye, CEI Surface Pros”

“Great book! Very thorough and credible. Great read for any stone refinisher- novice or seasoned pro”.

“ Stu Rosen, MB Stone Care”

“I know I can always count on Mike’s wealth of knowledge that comes from his experience and understanding of stone, tile & grout. I consider him among the masters”.

“ Debbie Shaw, Stonecare Central”